Teach Hustle Inspire is the result of my desire for change in education. Teach Hustle Inspire has evolved over the course of many years of immersion, dedication, and my commitment to making a difference in urban and culturally diverse classrooms. It started from my work as a classroom educator, turned college professor and now speaker.

I started my Podcast by the same name, where I focus on supporting schools that serve urban and culturally diverse communities, specifically as it relates to classroom management and student engagement. Whenever I consult or speak to educators I always try to make sure that what we are learning is not just relevant, but fun. I brought that same energy to my podcast and got a lot of really good feedback and the brand of Teach Hustle Inspire started to take off.

Teach Hustle Inspire is not just a logo, or a saying - it’s an altogether movement! TEACH means to “unlock intellectual treasure”, HUSTLE is because we “can't stop learning, won't stop learning” and INSPIRE is all about how we “spread love and light”. Although it resonates mostly with educators, truth be told, if you’ve ever mentored, led, coached, parented, inspired, or motivated someone, you are a teacher - plain and simple!

Today, we work with individual teachers, schools and school districts, motivating educators across the country. Our programs are designed to break down the barriers that can limit educator success, allowing them to reach, motivate, and engage all of their students. All meaning ALL. These programs facilitate a path for educators to genuinely connect with their students, increasing student achievement and truly transforming the learning environment.

To the dedicated educators, parents, mentors, role models, counselors, leaders and beyond who motivate and teach the children of our future - this movement is for you!

Dr. Shaun Woodly



Teach Hustle Inspire is an imaginative organization taking a fresh and dynamic approach to improving education in traditionally underserved communities. We believe in positively influencing education by equipping educators with the tools to capitalize on their own strengths and dramatically increase student achievement in their classrooms and schools. The aim is to promote continuous learning that encourages true educator growth from the inside out, as well as from the outside in.


Even the odds in education - helping educators unlock intellectual treasure through continuous learning & self-discovery, spreading love & light to all.


Focus: it’s about the children
Expectations: shatter them
Creativity: cultivate it
Continuous improvement: it can always be better